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I try to scour resources to bring you mostly no cost items...there are other blogs with activities for kids at cost...I try to give you the most bang for the buck!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Sexual abuse...sensitive subject

We don't want to talk about it, but we know it exists.  Learn how to prevent, recognize, and respond!

Target Cartwheel

If you don't have Target Cartwheel, boy are you missing out!  Its an app from target that you can tie to Facebook and it offers great deals on things you already buy!  Next week, Target is offering a toy everyday at 50% off!  If you are like me and do Easter baskets, this is a great buy!! Download it now in the app store!

Greatest Show on Earth!

The circus is still by far the Greatest Show on Earth and boy do they deliver this year!  From the music, to the lights, the costumes, I feel like a kid again!  You still have time to get tickets!  The giveaway is over...claimed by a Richmond Public School teacher who pays OUT OF POCKET to provide opportunities  to her students.  Here are some photos and pics from opening night!  I checked ticketmaster and there are still awesome tickets for tonight, and all through the weekend at here!